Exotic Sample Pack

Vibe: Propagating Palate Potential

The Exotic Sampler is your entry into selections that may ring oddly in the ear, but that are guaranteed to resonate with your taste buds. From our buds to yours–enjoy!

  • OMGuava: Guavas, guavas, strawberries and more guava…a cross between gobs of guavas and our Galactic Cannabis Base.
  • Jack & Cola: Colas of Jack Herer have been squeezed and folded into the complexity of cola soda; it’s like the Cannabaceae version of a Fernet and Cola.
  • Blueberry Flame: Blueberry juice, firewood and lime smoke…Fire OG hybridized with blueberries ups the temperature of the flame while paying tribute to the name.
  • Tsour Apricot: Apricots and green kiwis run this show…a cross between midseason apricots and Sour Tsunami.
  • Bubba Peach: Peach and stone fruit jams meet herbed and dried orange peels…a cross of Bubba Kush with peaches.
  • Key Lime Pie: Sweet-graham glazed-limes baked with berry blossom honey…a cross between Blue Dream and remnants of key lime pie dreamt in the Florida Keys.


The Exotic Sampler ships with 5 mL bottles of the six blends shown for 30 mL total of Entour deliciousness.

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  • $80

SKU: SP-003

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