Strain Blend Assortment

Vibe: Appreciating the Classics

The Strain Blend Assortment is a curated selection of our finest Native blends. Whether you are familiar with these named cultivars or not, this pack is sure to fill you with a breath of authenticity. Go Native!

  • Jack Herer: Our Jack Herer blend is not shy about its terpinolene content and the associated piney-limey pleasant smell and taste. Classic Jack consistent time-after time.
  • Granddaddy Purple: Our GDP blend assembles an ensemble of juicy fruit on the palate, including pomelo, pink grapefruit, blueberry, and Meyer lemon. Taste the purp!
  • Harlequin: Our Harlequin speaks gently of pine nuts, cinnamon sticks and hay with hints of sour lime and dried cherries, and lemon-vanilla wafers. No clowning here.
  • Sour Diesel: Our Sour Diesel steps off of the gas a bit to allow the tang of key limes and bergamot come alive. Makes pit stops come alive.
  • GSC: Our GSC is upfront with a bouquet of cherry-mint and lemon. Flavors of almond confections and biscotti are also on display. Cookie badges for all!
  • GG: Our GG exhibits flavor notes of orange juice, hyssop, and cocoa bean blossoms with aroma hints at creme brûlée and yuzu tarts. Huff away!


The Strain Blend Assortment ships with 5 mL bottles of the six blends shown for 30 mL total of Entour deliciousness.

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SKU: SP-001

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