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Newly licensed cannabis businesses continue to launch in an already crowded marketplace. You need every tool at your disposal for your company to remain profitable and achieve sustainable, organic growth.

Entour can help. Our unique, science-based solutions allow you to offer your customers new fresh and exciting flavor options that stand apart from your competitors. Our formulations are made from the highest quality ingredients, ensuring an amazing experience for your customers while boosting your bottom line.

Try us today for top-quality solutions and a partnership that prioritizes your long-term business goals.

Our Story

Entour is a division of The Werc Shop, our industry’s leading supplier of botanical flavor and aroma solutions to the cannabis industry.

We combine the extensive knowledge base of The Werc Shop with our passion for plant diversity to help create a deeper understanding of botanical compositions, with a specific focus on a wide variety of cannabis applications. We understand that plants are much more complex than just one or even a few molecules and we use this knowledge to develop our proprietary True To Plant® methodology.


True to Plant


Long before anyone had heard of “terpenes”, the Werc Shop was the first commercial cannabis laboratory to offer testing for them in 2011. We’ve perfected our proprietary terpene analysis methods to include high-resolution fingerprinting of individual cannabis cultivars.

The True To Plant process recreates cultivar specific terpene profiles driving both entourage and flavor through the use of natural, non cannabis ingredients resulting in the finest suite of infusion ingredients on the market today.

Some might call it alchemy – but we call it damn fine chemistry that delivers high-fidelity, award-winning flavors that your consumers will love at first taste.

Who We Work With

Entour partners with licensed medium to large-sized cannabis product manufacturers who want to increase brand loyalty by creating more satisfying and enjoyable experiences for their customers.

We are committed to helping our customers grow their businesses with quality science-based solutions that keep your product lines fresh, engaging, and profitable.

Our Products


Our suite of Native Blend products is composed of botanical compounds found to occur naturally in cannabis

Native blends

Native blends

Native blends


We elevate our Native Blends with an additional layer of flavor derived from alternative botanical sources to create our quality Inspired Blends

Inspired blends

Inspired blends

Inspired blends

Entour products can be used in

any cannabis application




Pills, capsules, and tablets




Transdermal Patches


Commitment to Service

We are proud to offer an exceptional customer experience unequaled in our industry. Our team puts their combined 100+ years of experience and state-of-the-art technology at your disposal to create custom solutions for your specific application. We’re always just a phone call away to answer any questions with the courtesy and respect you deserve.

Tell us what you need or ask us for flavor recommendations. We’ll work together to build solutions that help increase your profit margins.


Regulation Documentation

All of our products have detailed regulatory documentation available at the click of a mouse. Documentation includes ingredient information, how to store and use the product, compliance guidelines for your local jurisdiction, and more. If you have any questions, our team is just a phone call away to help you buy with confidence.

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Inspired blends

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