Award Winners Sampler

Vibe: Winning Smells Good

The Award Winners come packaged with a figurative trophy. The selections in this pack have caused cannaisseurs near and far to go goo-goo ga-ga. If you can’t decide what to try, let competitive success be your guide!

  • Tropical Trainwreck: Damn that’s good! Just one of those flavors…a cross between the original Trainwreck and a equatorial plantation.
  • Grapeness: Upfront with grape drink flavor plus bursted black muscats, sultanas, and white grape juice… a cross between Tahoe OG and concord grapes.
  • Blackberry Kush: Brambled blackberries bounce onto the tongue…a cross of Sour Diesel and blackberries from a wild thicket.
  • Pear Herer: Pears–golden, red and green–with honeycrisps, key lime, and spiced cherries…a cross between mouth-ready pears and the classic Jack Herer cannabis strain.
  • Washington Apple: Granny Smiths, Pink Ladies and Rainier cherry preserves…a cross that is Washington to the core.
  • OG Watermelon: Sunbaked yellow and pink watermelon flesh tickles the tongue…a cross of multicolored watermelons and OG Kush.


The Award Winners trophy case ships with 5 mL bottles of the six blends shown for 30 mL total of Entour deliciousness.

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  • $80

SKU: SP-002

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