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Regulated Market Leader in U.S. (single state)

Top-5 Pacific Northwest company, PN1, has incorporated Entour into their market-leading brand of vape products for over eight years. Based upon repeat sales data, PN1 has observed strong customer loyalty in a cannabis vape market segment known for fickle consumers and has been a steady Entour partner for many sales cycles.

In the early years, PN1 evaluated the gamut of terpene offerings available as part of their due-diligence process. PN1 assessed manufacturing consistency, device operability and customer enjoyment using a variety of terpene and flavor offerings. PN1 even conducted focus group and market pilot tests to evaluate the effect of switching-in different terpenes while keeping everything else the same, namely product branding and packaging. PN1 was hoping they might achieve the same strong customers response by using low-cost terpene alternatives in lieu of Entour. Their results convinced them that Entour premium blends lead to premium results.

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