Case Study

Multi-State Operation

A well-known multistate brand, MS1, fire-tested their vape line containing Entour products in two of the most challenging competitive adult-use cannabis markets. Like other long-term Entour partners, MS1 evaluated many other terpene offerings before deciding to use Entour as an exclusive supplier of their terpene blends. In fact, at Entour we encouraged them to do this. We are so confident in the quality and game-changing nature of our products that we want all of our customers and partners to do the same. Take the Entour challenge and taste for yourself.

When MS1 had continued success and decided to enter new state marketplaces, Entour worked with the regulators in the new states side-by-side with MS1 to satisfy their stringent requirements. For one particularly persnickety state, Entour created custom blends for MS1 to satisfy the regulators and to ensure 100% compliance. MS1 did not want to take any unnecessary regulatory chances with the success of their business. MS1 has now expanded their relationship with Entour to include custom and exclusive flavor blends created just for them. MS1 believes that by deploying a taste and smell that nobody else can access, they will help ensure the future success of their brand.

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